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Established in 2009, TOTAL HR (part of The Yorkshire HR Company Ltd) is an independent HR consultancy providing businesses with HR support, advice and training.

We works with small to medium-sized businesses assisting with any aspect of employment law and HR best practice to ensure that clients not only comply with employment legislation, but develop and implement processes to help them get the very best from those they employ.

Clients of TOTAL HR / The Yorkshire HR Company benefit from access to a full range complementary services providing bespoke solutions that best suit their business and organizational culture.

These include:

• HR Consultancy Support
• HR Training Programme
• Recruitment Support
• Psychometric assessment
• Executive coaching

HR CONSULTANCY SUPPORT – whether your company is not big enough for a full time HR practitioner, or you have a particular project to outsource, we recognise each client is different and tailor our support to meet your specific needs. With a wealth of experience, we are able to support you in your day-to-day activity.

The services we offer include:

• Complete outsourced HR solution
• HR project management
• Full update of current documentation
• Good HR practice / employment law advisory service
• Contract of employment & staff handbooks
• Policies, procedures & HR Administration
• Draft letters, forms & templates
• Indemnity against compensatory awards
• Legal representation at Employment Tribunals

TOTAL HR / The Yorkshire HR Company provides HR and legal advice and best practice guidance throughout the employment cycle.

Our clients call upon us simply to advice (telephone or email support), drafting letters, policy development, preparing briefing notes or to undertake more of an active role in their business. For example: delivering staff training, conducting interviews and attending meetings / hearings, and much more.

HR TRAINING PROGRAMME – small and medium size businesses cannot afford to employ their own in-house training function and yet learning and development is just as important in these companies as it is in larger organisations. TOTAL HR / The Yorkshire HR Company provide a selection of bite-size, HR training workshops designed to provide practical tools and guidance in managing typical, day-to-day HR issues.

The workshops are designed for experienced HR practitioners, Operational Management or for those with responsibility for HR, but who may have little in the way of formal, professional training. Each training workshop is designed for 2½ hour duration and provides a mix of structured presentation, with exercises and opportunity for discussion.

In-house programmes In addition we offer the same range of training activity as an open programme, which can be adapted to suit a client’s needs and delivered in-house (at the client’s chosen location), which is a cost-effective option for any organisation where there are a number of people with the same training / developmental needs.

RECRUITMENT SUPPORT – recruiting the right people is essential to business success. Regardless of the size and nature of your business, finding the right person for the job is not just a matter of skills, knowledge and experience. Finding someone who fits the culture of your organisation is just – if not more important. Getting it right can provide you with a competitor advantage, whereas getting it wrong can be costly in terms of time, energy and damage to your brand.

Taking an HR approach to recruitment – working as an integrated part of your management team – rather than a Recruitment Agency, TOTAL HR / The Yorkshire HR Company can assist you in selecting high performance individuals, regardless of seniority.

With Fellow level membership of the Institute of Recruitment Professionals, we have extensive experience in recruitment, resulting in a refined set of procedures and an established network of contacts within all major industry sectors. In conjunction with advertising, we utilise other search and selection techniques to generate the optimum choice of candidates.

PSYCHOMETRIC ASSESSMENT – provides important information about an individual’s ability to perform a job, their behavioural style and cultural fit – and have been found consistently to be the best predictor of an employee’s potential for a role.

At TOTAL HR / The Yorkshire HR Company we recommend the use of psychometric assessment to a) recruit the best talent b) Identify staff with high potential c) analyse the development needs of Managers and their teams d) identify the strengths of client’s undergoing career transition.

We provide a range of affordable online and supervised tests, which are administered, scored and interpreted by those who have been trained and accredited at an appropriate level. The testing options include:

• Recruitment tools – aptitude tests and personality profiling (OPQ32) focusing on preferred behaviour in the workplace
• Management, graduate and general & administrative test batteries
• Development psychometric tool (Myers Briggs Type Indicators – Steps One & Two)

EXECUTIVE COACHING – is taken for granted in the world of sport where teams and individuals have a Coach to provide motivation, enhance skills and improve performance. However, despite recognising the benefits derived from coaching, few senior managers and / or business owner invest in the experience, yet the demands placed upon those individuals is more challenging than ever, with an increasing need to deliver business results on time and on budget.

Moreover, there is evidence that executive coaching produces significant benefits in improved productivity, client relationships, employee engagement, retention and profitability. It works best when used to help individuals address specific professional development issues or to assist when taking on a particularly challenging work role of project.

Executive coaching provides professional and personal development that is particularly appropriate for those in senior positions who have little time and for whom being lonely at the top can be a common experience.

Executive coaching is driven by the needs of the client. It is about assisting individuals to achieve their full potential, with a focus on what they want to achieve now and in the future. It is a partnership between the executive coaches and the client and is for a defined period of time.

HR MENTORING – working with client companies providing functional direction and guidance to junior HR practitioners or others non-HR professionals with responsibility for the function. In so doing, the jobholders gain in confidence and competence (skills, knowledge and experience), by having someone to whom they can refer to guide them appropriately.

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